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Gas Chambers Never Existed Nothing much else was said by the media.

For those who didn't like him, they laughed at him. For those who voted for him, we were shocked by such an unfounded comment.

I certainly regretted then I had voted for such a clown.

Time passed by, almost 20 years. There is now Youtube and google, and other great things.

I was listening to Rammstein, a German group band, here it was as suggested video:

"Hitler makes a joke"

President Le Pen and Hitler Second Book sections
Intro  Gas Chambers Never Existed  Hitler Makes A Joke  Jews Killed By Gases  Hitler wrote two books  Hitler Second Book  A French Antique  Refreshing  A Masterpiece  American Most Wanted Jews  There is a Before and After this Book  World War III  

Gas Chambers Never Existed
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