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American Most Wanted Jews In 2011, I can tell you that a jew was on the American most wanted top ten list, for financial crime. I know because I go to the post office and it's displayed there.

I hadn't red Hitler's second book yet.

But everything fell in place after I read that masterpiece.

What a pity it was not available for all to read. What a pity it was not even called a book by Jewish editors.

"The reason why it was not called a book is because it was not finished." Jewish editors said.

It was actually finished, there are about 15 unfinished sentences where the Author, Adolf Hitler, states a fact and is missing the reference.

Hitler, instead of using a footnote, simply writes: "as written in the book ....." and similar in-line footnotes.

President Le Pen and Hitler Second Book sections
Intro  Gas Chambers Never Existed  Hitler Makes A Joke  Jews Killed By Gases  Hitler wrote two books  Hitler Second Book  A French Antique  Refreshing  A Masterpiece  American Most Wanted Jews  There is a Before and After this Book  World War III  

American Most Wanted Jews
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