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A Masterpiece The man gave very little consideration to the jews. If any, as it turns out in the entire book.

I know that he was going to slander the jews and such... But no.

He kept talking about international finance, and how it hurt Germany, the world, humanity.

He warned about the state of Israel... that didn't exist....

In that book of about 240 pages, there were really 10 lines, yes lines, about Jews.

One line compared them to parasites.

That was really the only line that was off. I must say I am not Jewish, that line threw a cold spell in the back of my spine.

Hitler didn't weigh his words.

But yet, he didn't weigh his words about the French either...Who stole two regions from Germany by a sneaky lawsuit. These two regions, are called, in French, since they are French to these days: Alsace and Loraine.

You can argue that the French criticism is not as well rounded than comparing jews to leeches and other crabs. Well come to think of it, he might have compared the French to frog leg eaters. Wait is that Hitler or everybody I know?

The translator of this book is from the French region of Alsace. Since this region is bordering Germany, and throughout the last 3 centuries it went back and forth between German ownership and French ownership. People of that area are usually quite fluent in German.

Also, this translator, who wrote the book in 1952, is a National Socialist. The term Nazi was not coined then. It's short for National Socialist.

The translator acknowledges he writes the book as he was a follower of the man we call Hitler. He refers to him not by Adolf Hitler, but as his Fuhrer.

The translator acknowledges he made the most precise translation possible. Regardless whether he approved of every statement.

I believed that, since it was written in 1952, just after the end of World War II. I also believed the translator as he was from the ex-German region called Alsace.

Therefore not only his German, but possibly his heart, was quite aligned with Germany.

At last, I quite believed the translator, before 60 years after the war, this book, as it is a book...was not translated in any other language besides French.

German, was not a translation, and English despite its worldwide use, was, you know not...translated.

For obscure reasons it was not translated into English.

But after reading this book. A lot of light was shed into the history of World War II.

Its heroes, you know... Churchill, De Gaulle... turned out to be the most disgusting men, that only a made up monster would surpass.

That when the Jews re-invented Hitler, as we know him.

Hitler warned that Israel, if created, would be a haven for jews. Jews would be able to extort money from any country and take it to Israel without any extradition possible.

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A Masterpiece
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