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A French Antique The book arrived. In perfect condition, except that the pages didn't look like clean cut. I believe that was the paper style in 1952. The paper was rugged and not clean rectangular shapes.

It was written in French, it was in mint condition. Except also quite yellow. The paper got hit by the age of time.

I opened it. I could barely open it, as it was going to crack open....not the pages, the glue sealing the pages.

So I managed to start reading it, out of expensive curiosity.

I didn't open the pages much as the glue was cracking, the glue was rock solid. So instead of flexibly opening pages, the old book was just resisting to the point where opening the book flat would just break the pages away from the book. It was a costly book after all, why ruin it?

As it turned out, it was easy to read despite the years, it was .... refreshing. Sooo refreshing!

The author, I mean Hitler, stated things like they are.

No political correctness, no this no that. Just direct, clear, concise, to the point.


President Le Pen and Hitler Second Book sections
Intro  Gas Chambers Never Existed  Hitler Makes A Joke  Jews Killed By Gases  Hitler wrote two books  Hitler Second Book  A French Antique  Refreshing  A Masterpiece  American Most Wanted Jews  There is a Before and After this Book  World War III  

A French Antique
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