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Rise Rise, and fight against evil.

As a good man who doesn’t stand against evil, is not.

Just another coward. Don’t buy into hypocrits and people who easily smile at world’s concerns. They are fools. Jesus warned against these again and again.

Yet fools are the favorite puppets of the elite, as they will cheer them up over and over by their cluelessness over and over.

The elite found women to play their stupid games, the typical infamous blonde joke made narcissistic.

Women will think they are up in the power food chain, they just got gobble down as trustworthy and loyal wives.

Thanks God we will find refuge into asian women, who are made of race too bright to usurpate their men’s position. They know their place, like the lionness.

When our lionesses will ask for help, American men will be so emasculated, that we won’t be able to rescue them, as they fall in the arms of Russians and other Chinesemen.

After all, all women cared for all along was wealth, power, recognition.

Men have long learnt, these will just get you less, you will have to sacrifice so much for these that all you are left with is total enslavement by shiny surfaces.

All it will leave women is to reflect on shine and purety that is long gone.

Just an image imprinted in the brain.

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