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Imprinted Parade in Imprinted Paradise So they are parading her, like JFK once paraded. Except she won’t be killed, as she will take any bribe possible, to make the Federal Reserve a lot of profit.

JFK refused bribes, to not endebt us, and was killed as a public message, fear us, don’t love people who hate us.

The feds hate us, they are part of the european elite. All the money first hands don’t exist, they just create it out of thin air. They are creating their own wealth by contracts, American people pay for these brutal inhumane contracts, the president is bought out by getting media attention that the Federal Reserve controls. For a politician, the imprinting machine of the News Corps and other media is all they need to be popular.

So don’t be fooled, what you will see on TV and on YouTube is fabricated truth. You’ll see a lot of young people cheering, a lot of academics cheering and a lot of older folks cursing democracy.

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Imprinted Parade in Imprinted Paradise
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