Free Education is Coming::President Imprint


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Free Education is Coming Next thing you know they will make education debt free, not as a free gift, but as a way to hide further away from truth the purpose of education.

By then the elite will not choose their pupils by the amount they can afford, but by simple selection of what familly you came from.

The quality of education will change to the inner quality of the familly you came from.

If you come from a disfunctional familly, they will see right through it, as it reflects on you.

You won’t be able to hide it, of fake it, or act it out, because the elite know who you are, what familly you are from and who they talked to that represented your heritage.

High positions will get assigned to the most mediocre. As they are safe, they don’t threaten them, they are too stupid to see rigs in elections or even in the whole system.

Plants and traps are all around, disguised as protection.

⁃ Not people’s protection, but protection of the devil’s aparatus, against the rise of their slaves, the American people.
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Free Education is Coming