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Education Debts Look at your pile of debts and cheer with your education. It will enslave you more, that your only way out of poverty will be to get a mortgage to capitalize on a house. The house will tie you up from doing your own dreams, busy working your sweat off to fullfill the machiavelic federal reserve to repay your debts with your precious time.

See you will see soon realize you are not immortal and times flies by past 30. By then you can compensate by your yount naivety by be a strong advocate for the people.

Just pray, because by then you will believe in God, that another Donald Trump turns up again on the election table.

But knowing the elite, it will be a decoy.

And maybe by then all you will have left to do, is write, if you are not too afraid to do so.

Having spent all your life at cheering people who take your power and all energy away from you, like vampirized by unknown all encompassing sources, you will realize that the devil is like God, everywhere. That’s how it strives and that’s what people like Trump and I, and people who supported him, know the Truth.

The true riches, see, is you, you were born free, and you pursue a cage as a way to power.

Don’t pursue monetary power, it’s the work of the devil.

True power comes from your heart. Trump spoke of his heart, of his person, of his convinctions.

Educate yourself in what a true man looks like, a man of values looks like he’s seen battles and the whole gravity of the world’s evils.

The worst is that our youth are totally disconnected from who they have become, slaves.

You will see that the industry does not throw money at you any longer when you are past 35. By then you will work 30 more years cursing yourself or maybe buying into another lie that is displayed by International News Corp, servicing their own private Federal Reserve.

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Education Debts
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