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Democracy strives on Mediocrity Democracy has always been the refuge of the mediocre.

Educated ones are just the mediocre believing in educational instistutions as porveyor of gospel should educate themselves on the origins of media, and on the power of the people, not a few privilieged mediocre few, chosen for their gullibility, naivity, and lack of fighting power.

No wonder Russia is taking over with their Chinse counterpart.

No democratic candiate can protect us, as they only protect their own personal interests, in the international spheres of wealth.

The U.S.A. can sink and gasp, they will not get the clue that they were involved in this dismay.

Think young voters that you have power, and before you are old yourself and now see clearly, you will have a hoard of youngsters that think that pissing on all you have is something to cheer on.

Unfortunately by then your country will be third grade, and the young democratic voters cheering at it on its way to fifth.

The elite, controlling all means of mass programming, will yet again get more and more powerful, to stop the other Trump and JFK to get that close to power.

Young, you know it all, you got your education, ….

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Democracy strives on Mediocrity
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