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Prescott Observatory (IAU code 684) was built by Paul G. Comba and is now owned and operated by Matt Francis. The observatory is located south of Prescott, in Arizona, and is dedicated to the study of cosmology.

Refurbished in 2011, the observatory houses a PlaneWave CDK 24 inch telescope with two Takahashi wide field refractors in the dome. There is a dedicated solar observatory that is equipped with a Lunt 152 solar telescope. The observatory also has a nano lab for cosmology research that is currently equipped with a JEOL 5800LV SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). Prescott Observatory is an active contributor for the webcast organization SLOOH which is the premiere webcast organization for live celestial events.

It is the stated goal of Prescott Observatory to help further education in cosmology and astronomy by offering courses and time on the observatory equipment at no charge. These programs are scheduled to begin Fall 2012.

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