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A political player is a participant in politics who has or is perceived to have influence or power, although usually on a smaller level than a global power elite. The phrase may refer to an individual who is a candidate or elected or appointed official,<ref>Zillah Eisenstein, Hillary's War, Ithaca College, October 2006, retrieved Dec. 12, 2007</ref> but more commonly refers to someone who is not in office but still wields power or influence, such as a lobbyist,<ref>M. Kamdar, Forget the Israel Lobby. The Hill's Next Big Player Is Made in India. Washington Post, Sept. 30, 2007, p. B03, retrieved Jan. 31, 2008</ref> a fundraiser<ref>S. Kulkarni & G. Graff, Fundraiser Headliners Familiar Faces To Thompson, July 31, 2007 (listing attendees at a Fred Thompson $1000/plate event)</ref> or contributor,<ref>Lee Davidson and Bob Bernick Jr., Handful give lots of $$: Top 10 political donors have big impact in Utah, Deseret Morning News, May 22, 2006, retrieved 02-09-2008</ref> a whistleblower,<ref>Blago whistleblower: Scrap health planning board, 5-6-2009, retrieved May 8, 2009</ref> a political consultant,<ref>R. Sklar, I See Your Markos Moulitsas, And I Raise You a...KARL ROVE?, Huffington Post, 11-15-2007, retrieved on 02-09-2008</ref> a labor union<ref>D. Corn, Hillary Gets a Bad Deal in Vegas--and Is Right To Complain,, -1-14-2008</ref> or labor leader,<ref>Breslau, Rose Ann DeMoro: Labor Leader & Political Player, Originally published in MORE magazine, September 2006, retrieved Dec. 12, 2007</ref> a corporation,<ref>The Search for Influence: Google Becomes a Political Player accessed Dec. 12, 2007</ref> or even an entire industry.<ref> J. Abraham, The pharmaceutical industry as a political player, The Lancet, Volume 360, Issue 9344, Pages 1498-1502, retrieved Dec. 12, 2007 </ref> More recently, with the rise of the Internet, web-based groups such as and online organizations, like ActBlue, have become political players as well.<ref> Dan Morain, ActBlue makes giving easy, and it's become a major political player, Los Angeles Times, March 11, 2007, p. A21 </ref>

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