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The magazine report that rebutted the rumour
On 21 October 1969, the Beatles' press office issued statements denying the rumour, deeming it "a load of old rubbish"<ref>"Beatle Spokesman Calls Rumor of McCartney's Death 'Rubbish'" New York Times 22 October 1969: 8</ref> and saying that "the story has been circulating for about two years—we get letters from all sorts of nuts but Paul is still very much with us."<ref>Phillips, B.J. "McCartney 'Death' Rumors" Washington Post 22 October 1969: B1</ref> Rumours started to decline when,<ref name="beatlesbible">"Paul Is Dead Myth", The Beatles Bible website, Retrieved: 16 October 2008</ref> on 7 November 1969, Life magazine published a contemporary interview with McCartney in which he said,
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