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What Can We do to Protect our Young From a Death Wish A death wish manifests as an attraction to negative forces. Otto wish to impress. Otto wanted to come back from Asia with more than boring stories from small towns in China. When Otto saw a flyer about visiting North Korea with an organized legitimate tour, he didn't hesitate. Otto finally had an opportunity to get the attention from friends his age, Otto was in his early twenty when he went to Kim Jong Un's nation. There in North Korea he made it. However there he had no opportunity to venture freely. Otto had to remain in the context of established touristic zones. That's a rule in North Korea. You can only visit and take pictures of what is authorized by the DPRK.

In other words, Otto's hotel was the only place he could scout freely. The only interesting thing beside North Korean girls was a poster with Kim Jung Hun on it.

Otto didn't hesitate, as he was tempted. He could bring a proof, he actually made it to North Korea and came back.

Kim Jung Un poster

Not merely a piece of colorful paper. It's the representation of the higher being for North Koreans. Indeed, they have no Gods to worship.

Any North Korean knows better than messing with the divine.

For Otto, it's the representation of the Americans make fun of.

Americans and some other culture around the globe make fun of North Korea.

I don't know why...but there is always a tendency for bigger nations to make fun of smaller nations. A form of political geographical bullying.

While it is safe to do so from outside North Korea, it's obviously not a wise idea to get caught doing this in North Korea itself.

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What Can We do to Protect our Young From a Death Wish
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