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Mediatically Propaganda-ted American Brain Otto,

So the light hits you, you get stunned, your souls gets shunned, you are free.

It takes a while to come out of that state.

But once you are out, Otto, you would have said...oh Otto.

These truth Otto would have said, would have reinforced North Korea as a strong Nation, the strongest nation on earth, that survived all form of sanctions. Considering other Americans released from North Korea prisons claimed they were relatively well treated while trimming in forced labor in the DPRK.

But that image of North Korea is going against the official U.S. agenda... of containing China.

We can't contain China if we go in vacation in North Korea.

Otto served that purpose, conceptually.

The truth is ... obviously not for everybody's eyes to see. Truth is such a powerful marvel given to humanity, it would disintegrate any dark powers, politicians, financial institutions... Without dark powers there would be no hypocrisy....without hypocrisy there would be a world for all the people... regardless of race, interests and wealth.

The truth would come out that most western institutions despise the truth, as it would disintegrate every western country's foundation, that are deceptively based on lies.

So start digging into lies... there lies the truth.

And another lie is: "truth is subjective"; It's not, it just has layers. You can always dig dipper.

Otto Warmbier, you are conceptually alive. Politically dead, and truthfully enjoying a new life, incognito.
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Mediatically Propaganda-ted American Brain
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