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It plays well for politicians America can still demonize North Korea. North Korea still comes out on top messing with the world's first power. Their family mourns.

As Americans, it weakens us. These stories where we loose out against oppression. No nations like strong people, who can find the truth in lies.

Know that Otto didn't die. He just had to conceptually die.

Concepts give you that view. Otto's finally got their son home, and that, well... he was made immortal, by a secretive death.

That death plays well for politicians in North Korea, in America.

Otto got a new name... he can start a new life, not associated with North Korea forever.

What really happened we will never know, until we look at the lies, state the lies, invent the lies from public official sources....Extrapolate and digress, until it makes sense. Truth is simple.

The official message: stay out of North Korea or die.

The conceptual message: North Korea is likely the most beautiful country on earth, if you respect they way of life.

America: everything is possible, as long as it's not the truth.

The truth is... we need North Korea as a foe to weaken China.

Otto reinforces that doesn't he?

And as in any Hollywood movie, the story had to be superlative. Otto had to die in the end or get rich.

Well getting rich was not an option... In America we don't reward victims. We don't do sympathy when the guy could come out publicly and say:

"I liked that country". "And my brain damage, well I got it in the U.S. playing football."

And some other one-liners that would shatter the mediatically over propagated American brain, propaganda-ted to malfunction.

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It plays well for politicians
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