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Vague Laws So foreigners in China, and people making business with the Chinese, understand that vague laws make for injustice. You can be accused of any wrongdoing based on the vague laws and the politicians in charge. Chinese Justice is more political than judicial. Lawyers are not making much living. It’s like a French doctor. French doctors make the equivalent of 3000 USD a month.

So Trumps giving up on the PPT. Giving the upper hand to Japan.

Japan remains in the PPT, and become the uncontested big power at the elm of the PPT.

Japan is leading the new world order, in Asia, and the western world.

Russia is leading the new world order in the middle east, after their uncontested win in Aleppo.

One China and Taiwan sections
Intro  One U.S.  The Taiwanese president is not a Chinese official  Taiwanese Democracy  People love hate relationship to democracies  Elites love democracies  Republics love democracies  The rich is out staged  Asia and the west have different P.O.V.  China cornered is China contained  Vague Laws  Strategic Temporary New World Order  Planned New World Order  Trade Nations  Triangle  Concepts takeover of Facts  

Vague Laws
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