Triangle::One China and Taiwan


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Triangle Triangle. The strongest structure to ever have existed on this world.

Triangle is power, triangle is force. Unmovable, Unenforceable, deadly structure in an evil socity.

The triangle, like the family structure, mother father, son. Triangle, like the Catholic Trinity. Egypt, the 3D triangle called pyramid.

The triangle can sustain extreme pressure, tensions, and other compressions, is lightweight and can easily rotate and keep its properties.

Of course things might not look that clear. They might throw a fourth one in there just for the sake of confusing us. The truth may not be transparent yet.

That’s for the age of Aquarius, the Truth.

But since we are pretty close to it. For the sake of clarity it can’t be anything but the concepts.

One China and Taiwan sections
Intro  One U.S.  The Taiwanese president is not a Chinese official  Taiwanese Democracy  People love hate relationship to democracies  Elites love democracies  Republics love democracies  The rich is out staged  Asia and the west have different P.O.V.  China cornered is China contained  Vague Laws  Strategic Temporary New World Order  Planned New World Order  Trade Nations  Triangle  Concepts takeover of Facts  

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