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Republics love democracies What is a Republic period? Not a democratic republic, not a people’s republic? It’s essentially Sparta. All values, it’s national socialism. If you are strong you survive, if you are weak you get rejected as an infant and sacrificed for the sake of the nation.

So why are Republics loving democracies and not people’s republics?

Just because in a people’s republic, the people have power. The rich are no rights, no privilege, but buy and corrupt, behind the scenes, without ever getting in trouble. They have essentially no exposure since they can buy themselves out of everything. The problem with that is that they can’t change the world. They live like ghosts, always behind the scene of poor. The main class.

One China and Taiwan sections
Intro  One U.S.  The Taiwanese president is not a Chinese official  Taiwanese Democracy  People love hate relationship to democracies  Elites love democracies  Republics love democracies  The rich is out staged  Asia and the west have different P.O.V.  China cornered is China contained  Vague Laws  Strategic Temporary New World Order  Planned New World Order  Trade Nations  Triangle  Concepts takeover of Facts  

Republics love democracies
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