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Planned New World Order The new world order will be:

  • U.S.
  • Japan
  • Israel
  • Korea (S+N)
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Russia will loose some territories and countries will be created.
  • China will loose some territories and countries will be created.

Russia and China will be crippled

Korea will be reunited.

Likely the North Koreans will launch nukes and start the conflict. If not, nukes will be sent from the middle east onto Israel.

That’s in the concepts. Watch out.

The big losers will be again, all citizens of these countries who are poor.

What they will gain, however, is the ability to survive better if they survive these wars. The world’s population will shrink. Machines and drone swarms will establish themselves as doing most of the destruction.

In reality, no conflict can be perceived.

One of the reason is that China and the U.S. are hands in hands. President XI wants to give away China to the world.

While Xi wants to preserve power, and Xi wants the Chinese people to remain united at all cost, President Xi know that countries need to get bigger and bigger.

Russia, China. In order to do that, they have to divide them. It sounds like a paradox.

But first they divide countries into even tinier countries, then these countries are unified through trade agreements.

In other words they are unionized.

People can live their entire life and not care about trade agreements and realize that foreign countries are indeed under the same trade laws. Effectively they are trade nations.

One China and Taiwan sections
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Planned New World Order
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