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Elites love democracies The world elites swear by them because they can control democracies very easily with just a bit of umbrella’s order. Manipulating these systems like solar robots afraid of both the rain and the lack of sun.

Look at France, look at the U.S. These countries are technically Republics. And so is China.

However democratic republics tend to become hell. Democracies don’t work, read your Plato.

Republics need a good sense of values to function as a democracy.

Democratic Republics are hell but People’s Republic are the answers.

=Democratic Republics Hate Democracies

Democracy is the cancer of the Republic.

The only form of happiness in a Republic is not in a democracy, but in a People’s Republic.

In Asia democracies are not looking quite like in the west. It’s the same mess. Terrorism in the west, North Korea in Asia.

North Korea, the DPRK, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The way it’s so tight is that it’s the People’s Republic.

Like China, the PRC, the People’s Republic of China.

What is the Republic of China? Taiwan.

Republics are run by elites.

People’s republics are run by people.

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Elites love democracies
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