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China cornered is China contained So China is getting cornered by Trump over Taiwan.

China has the lower hand. Because the west understands what’s going on in terms of laws and independence of Taiwan.

But for the mainland Chinese, where even police officers are not sure what laws are and what it means.

That’s a different justice system, which is more based on laws of the community than hard written laws.

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Intro  One U.S.  The Taiwanese president is not a Chinese official  Taiwanese Democracy  People love hate relationship to democracies  Elites love democracies  Republics love democracies  The rich is out staged  Asia and the west have different P.O.V.  China cornered is China contained  Vague Laws  Strategic Temporary New World Order  Planned New World Order  Trade Nations  Triangle  Concepts takeover of Facts  

China cornered is China contained
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