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Taiwan the Heart - Beijing the Will Why would any developed country, such as Taiwan, want to be part of developing nation? One China? to me mediocritized? Beijing China's goal is to hold power through alienation, debility, and annihilating any judgment by repetitive alienating behavior, probes, responses and any other form of communication impairing anybody's IQ to level above rulers above it.

It's death in the soul. Taiwan wants to live, it's only survival mode will come from Beijing's death. It's the reality of this island, where "Made in Taiwan" was the original label for quality and affordable manufacturing products. Then came China with low grade products that didn't work at all or past a few days. Taiwan China is indeed the great Beijing China murderer. And yes, the Chinese say it themselves: " The One-China policy is not something that can be bought or sold" wrote the editorialist of Global Times, a leading nationalist newspaper. You are right, Beijing, we are not sold on One-China, the world is not buying it. So put it off the shelves because it's getting dusty, rusty, and Global Times are making it worst. Why can't Beijing accept federalism? It would make the Dalai Lama president of mainland China? indeed.

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Taiwan the Heart - Beijing the Will
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