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Taiwan is Free Taiwan will free Tibet, will free Hong Kong, will free chinese muslim minority Uyghurs and their oil. Mongolia will join the freedom movement. Too late Beijing China, followed the use case of the USSR. Well so much for massive nations. Only Federalism works at this scale. For a world government lead by China, China's political system is ill equipped. The US will have to remain on top, and One China annihilated by the annhilator, Beijing China. R.I.P. A war with the US could save Beijing China. But that won't happen. Because Beijing China has no military. The U.S. don't attack peasants with sticks. Only a real war could make the bald eagle dive in. The eye of the bald eagle is sharp. China is no prey. Russia looks more delectable. Bald eagles don't eat appetizers. They just go for the kill. China is like a little Panda. Nobody wants to see little Panda get hurt. So eagle is waiting for Panda China to grow up. So the fight will be fair. By then Taiwan will be the One Republic of China. Beijing would be renamed, New Taipei. And the world keeps turning, no knife twisting.

Long live Taiwan China.
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Taiwan is Free
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