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Since when This is the the bag of trick used by devil worshipers, the power of the occult, of the secrets, of the hidden knowledge.

If you don't know anything true, you are powerless.

Truth is real power. That's where the light come from.

Depraving people from truth is keeping them in the dark.

So anything they tell us these medias, these jews, these devil worshippers, is bullshit.

Nothing they will reveal, nothing you will know about them.

So you can't attack them, so you can't defend yourself. All you know is nothing.

All your knowledge you will use against yourself. You will know nothing about what they care for, enjoy, or dislike.

Because this way, they can't be psychicly attacked. Which is what truth does, this is what the light does. For the good of all humanity.

But a few privileged might be absorbed and loose their privileges, their private goods, their upper rights. The society accepts because they went through so much.

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Since when