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Gas chambers The jewry got a plan, to make their peope victims of outrageous behavior by the Nazis.

They picked Dachau, Poland, as it would be easier to justify a big lie with small facts.

Dachau was visited by Himmler. Who supervised the construction of camps.

Himmler had a temper. And so it would be easier to accept that he was a monster.

Himmler was under Hitler, and therefore could not have digressed from his boss, the Fuhrer, without demotion or punishment.

Himmler was more harsh and ordered executions of people who tried to make concentration camps chaos. Namely revolts.

Because of this the jewry picked him, and Dachau, and Hitler as monsters.

They had done the unnamable.

Nobody, but Winston Churchill. Fueled by the international finance money,Churchill did the unamable.

And again, with lies of concentration camps holding gas chambers.

The truth is that concentration camps where residence for the jews. They didn't have to fight the war, they didn't have to get killed fighting. They just had to hang in there.

Pool, clean living conditions.

Of course, they had to behave. It's a camp, it's war.

If they didn't they got shot.

Not gased.

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Gas chambers
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