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Oka2Kat is a Philippine paranormal, supernatural drama, horror fiction series which aired on ABS-CBN on February 4, 2012 and ended on May 19, 2012. It is a sequel on the 1997 original television series !Oka Tokat but this sequel doesn't focuses on the previous characters. A full trailer was launched during Budoy.<ref>Oka Tokat Full Trailer retrieved via 01-27-2012</ref><ref>Makisig Morales stars in 'Oka Tokat' remake. ABS-CBN News (2011-11-29). Retrieved on 2012-01-12.</ref><ref>Makisig Morales says he is happy that his siblings Maliksi and Marikit are also in showbiz retrieved via 07-01-2011</ref><ref>'Oka2kat' returns to ABS-CBN retrieved via 02-01-2012</ref><ref>Makisig Morales reveals what he misses most about working on with Dolphy retrieved via 02-01-2012</ref><ref>Makisig Morales is back to doing TV series via Oka2Kat retrieved via 02-01-2012</ref>

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