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Who is going to do the job The U.N.. The United Nations? They haven't done anything since they were created back in 1949 with their societe of nations legal coup of existence.

Well, North Korea is making the U.S. look shameful. North Korea is making China like a follower. The U.K. is barely starting to lead anything again. France is too busy at influencing leaders, that they don't know how to things themselves. Russia? Great people, but who trusts them?

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Intro  Controlling nuclear strikes is serious business  Underground parking garage  Chernobyl  Bluff  Ethnicity  Legality  Clowns always have to go in politics  Shame on the US  China sucks  Who is going to do the job  The United Nations  Fake freedom  Reverse concentration camp  Biblical fools  China is the door to North Korea  Problems are not resolved with time  The US will be blamed  

Who is going to do the job
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