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The big rumor machine So here you have it, think of the media as a big rumor machine. Whether people will believe in these rumors or not is up to them. It's important to know that Jews create power out of dark forces. Money is not based on value or merit, as much as it's based on getting on top of the game by debious games. Most crimes now are corporate crimes. They are white collars, not white really, middle eastern collars. Jews have never been westerners. They always have been middle easterners. That is a totally different angle from our way of life and culture as right and left can be. So to go back to North Korea and monsters, now Americans can't travel there any longer, giving away to the declared self prophecy of a dangerous country. North Korea is an asian country, divided between the North and the South, as the North was the capital and the south defected to democracy. When you defect to democracy, like South Korea did, you essentially are saying, we don't want to be merit based people any longer, we want to be mediocre people.

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The big rumor machine
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