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Redefining the white race as good White supremacy gave justice for that. Redefining the good of the white race, that is to say without the jewish factor. Finding a name in the old principles that the western world was born in Europe, not in the middle east. jesus was from the middle east, but he was a good jew. So he had to be killed by the power at hands, its own people.

It's not the first time a jew is getting on the nerves of jews. Jews have a process to dejew people. They effectively make them non-jew. It happens once in a while. But the process is not very popular between the jews themselves, so now they prefer to wash jew sins by injustice and other tools of trade to evade justice.

See how many jews are in American prison... A very few amount of the population. Are they that good ? They are just good at evading justice, once again by corruption. Look at the American top wanted list, how many jews in there... quite a lot isn't it? Most of the time they take some money that is not there and fly to Israel. If you read Hitler's Second Book, you will read that it's exactly what Hitler predicted would happen. There is no extradition treaty between Israel and the United States, by design.

America is just the puppet of Israel. Not really, more hostage.

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Redefining the white race as good
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