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Holocaust Survivors are war profiteers Little must be done to keep the illusion alive, but challenge who is speaking the truth.

After all, all these so-called anti-semitic laws were not put in place to protect the jews, rather than to protect the truth to come out.

There were never gas chambers, the jews were not exterminated.

A holocaust survivor likely was a high profeeter of the war.

A holocaust survivor didn't have to set a foot in a camp, not that anything would have happen to them, except good care for a war camp.

These truth have surfaced. That Hitler tried to save the human race from the Jew's diabolic plans.

Diabolic plans of control of the human race by all means, financially, by mass communication, by entertainment and distraction.

A new world order is now fathomed.

Where Asia knows about the danger of the jews, hidden behind capitalism. Capitalism is a great political system, if not poisoned behind the scenes by game changers using large quantity of fake powers to bend the wind their way.

The jewish way has always been about reinforcing the supremacy of the jews.

It's middle eastern supremacy.

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Holocaust Survivors are war profiteers
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