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Baby Sitting Americans It's one thing to protect American, it's another thing to baby sit them. The U.S. has been pampering its young so much they don't have any survival skill. They are egocentric, bold, entitled. While it might be good to be arrogant and confident when young, it's another thing to be detached from the principles of gravity. Pampered by money, over protected by its own government, Americans are now weak. Self-inflicted weakness, self-inflicted wounds, self-inflicted loss of freedom. Who is creating this deluge of shrinking spells? The American media. It's sad to see the media became the government arch enemy. Pulling into people's fear for profit, to the point where our president has to tally around this anti-American mass destroying our society. The American media, like most things USA and American, are indeed Israelite. By portraying America as weak, Israel doesn't appear like an insignificant middle eastern country. By portraying North Korea as a threat, North Korea is actually known in the world, unlike most countries its size. Israelites always have been creating monsters out of thin air. Especially when the jews will profit from it. Hitler was labeled a monster only because he took some power away from the jews. While taking power from the jews, namely making them as rich as they should just be, is not a monstruosity per se as it is justice. Justice is the enemy of the jews, because justice would ban jews rights to do evils. Without evil jews are out of business. Without evils jews are out of luck.

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Baby Sitting Americans
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