America hostage of Israel::North Korea Travel Ban For US Citizen


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America hostage of Israel Look when Kennedy got killed for stating that an obscure power had taken control of the U.S. government. Kennedy was a Catholic, he got killed by jews.

Jews are quite evil. Don' t believe in their smile and fight back. Because if you don't you won't understand why North Korea is no longer a travel destination to Americans.

The truth is that Citizen of Israel should not be citizen of any other nation.

Jews are de facto citizen of Israel, whether they asked for it already or will later. Do not let yourself be owned, be paid or receive money in any form that transpired through established jewish channels.

Jews should remain underground creatures, unlike rats, jewish are not smart.

They are just evil, to compensate for God's general forgetfulness about giving them any sort of skills of advantages. Naturally the classic jew has thin bone structure, is naturally unfit for hard labor, and is emotionally prone to temper. All in all it makes jews the scum of humanity, North Korea is right.

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America hostage of Israel
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