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Total Jewdom except in North Korea But not North Korea. That tries to subsist as a non-corrupt state, sunk in waters of lies, corruption, political manipulations against the masses. What the western world, the remaining of the world has become.

Only Fascist, Nazi, Dictatorial, states have a sense of what it takes to fight corruption.

Corruption of the mind, it happens to every human being given power.

  • North Koreans have made up their modern culture to fight the impure.
  • North Korea civilized the most stringent fables, folk tales and public knowledge of the danger and significance of corruption.
  • North Korea is sourcing most of its examples against the U.S. Which is smart and makes total sense.

What does not make sense is the aptitude of the U.S. to fight a lost fight.

Same as the gas chambers, a lost fight to uphold this lie.

All around the world laws are put into place to protect lies. In France, the most jewish influenced and ruled country in Europe:

"Any new proofs regarding World War II, are illegal"

That's the law.

That's the justice system paralyzing itself. Crippling itself.

What good does it do?

None, for the masses. All a few that place each other above all.

North Korea Core Values sections
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Total Jewdom except in North Korea
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