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North Korea will save America Or America will sink, engaging itself in a lost war of concepts, of facts, of truth.

Jews cannot protect themselves against fake news, since they invented it.

What they call fake news is actually the blessed truth coming out.

Their search engines, their facebook, their google, all jewish influenced, through NASDAQ, through finance, through political correctness, is just killing the most beautiful country on earth, the United States of America.

The jewish factor has crippled into every angle of the instistution.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was right, see what the jews did to him?

You have jewish friends? Tell them you don't believe in gas chambers. And then you can see your friends true face.

  • They will attack you with no mercy.
  • They will ridicule you.
  • Lastly they will make you disappear of their life.

But the truth cannot be fired.

The truth always submerge, like light in the darkness.

Let's not make North Korea the U.S. enemy. North Koreans are the U.S. saviors.

They just can't trust us any more. That's the thing, we can't trust ourselves. We lied to them about our agenda, our purpose, our intentions.

While maybe perfectly acceptable in American business. The U.S. business practices, based on deceptions, non-said, I have a stronger lawyer anyway, did not get accepted by the North Koreans utterly strong sense of values, respect, and dignity.

While we can go and rent a car and find all these hidden fees in the end. Asians in general are calling upon the practice as extremely deceptive.

It is really accepted by Americans. It is not accepted by anyone with a sense of humanity.

The American culture has been selling our most virtuous values for a piece of silver.

Whatever the reason:

  • I had no choice, the jews were pressing me.
  • I was doing my job.
  • I needed to finance our bankrupt this and that.

I never bought into this nonsense, or just enough to realize how evil we have become.

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North Korea will save America
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