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Modern History Lies All the Way to Jesus If the modern history is so lied about. That Hitler was a savior, and the devils won the war.

Look at Egyptian history, were the jews really oppressed there, or were they the rules of Egypt and already slave makers?

The answer is well known. If you ever wondered why so many mystery and mysterious death around the Pharaohs?

Look no further, corruption at all levels, from historians, to politicians, to mediated political agendas in mass media communications. All directed in common unison to hide the slave owners identity and common origin:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Inhuman people

These men are not humans. They are wicked, they only give their work to Lucifer.

Their strong family values and care of other jews, is just a mechanism so this race doesn't destroy other jews on a massive scale.

North Korea Core Values sections
Intro  All that Satan fear is the truth  Total Jewdom except in North Korea  Modern History Lies All the Way to Jesus  Anti-Antisemitism  Lies as truth  North Korea will save America  Going Nowhere with North Korea  American jewish culture is a conundrum  North Korea and its Jesus consciousness  

Modern History Lies All the Way to Jesus
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