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Lies as truth However after checking the facts, and seeing how jews unlawfully make themselves more privileged among other folks.

I must state that the concept is there.

The jews should never be given citizenship or other privilege, as they will not stop corrupt nations they parasite on.

Strong word, accurate, the image is clear. Jews do not care for the country they are citizen on as much as the state of Israel.

That's the truth.

Media and western universities create flocks of fools that are very well conditioned to see dragons and other monsters in North Korea, Hitler, Nazi Germany and other entities like Kim Jung Hun, who represent values, and therefore the loss of

  • jewish state
  • jewish media supremacy
  • jewish political domination

Do not believe in any of their lies.

They control the new president. Who had to give in. Replacing Steven Bannon with yet another jew.

The new president of the United States of the America, Donald Trump, got cornered within 3 months of its first term in the oval office.

That's how much the media worked at it for him to make his policies more jewish friendly.

The fact of the matter is, the only thing that will save America, is North Korea.

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Lies as truth
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