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Going Nowhere with North Korea And China, and Iran, and Russia, and Syria, and France.

An Ally?

As the famous politician said:

"With an ally like France, who needs enemies"<\blockquote>

The world still believe in us, the U.S. Let's show we are still humans after all, for real.

For this we must eradicate the jewish influence, their businesses, their power.

Well, let's go back to where Hitler was before he was declared war by a foreign nation.

The only reason Hitler declared war on the U.S. is because they U.S. was not playing square. They were neutral, using the freedom of navigation in Germany's waters to deliver weapons to the U.K..

While Hitler was full of respects for rules. America didn't follow them.

Hitler knew that the truth would come out in his account.

It did. Prepare yourself, all you were taught at school was politically motivated, engineered. By the jews.

Now if you go see a doctor, make sure he is not one of these jewish ones, or a fool that bought into their ideas through our Medias, I wish I could say American media. It's not, jews should not be citizens, they don't have the humanity for it, they don't have the American culture.

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Going Nowhere with North Korea
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