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Anti-Antisemitism I don't want to be anti-Semite, like I dont' want to be racist.

But I know who I am and what these guys do to our country, to us, the people.

Jews are not westerners. They are middle eastern. Israel is not the west.

Jews lies strive on false associations, false associations like:

  • Gas chambers is the holocaust.
  • White supremacists are holocaust deniers.
  • Holocaust deniers are white supremacists.
  • Gas chambers are concentration camps.

Unless you do your homework, open a few books, watch some controversial videos, watch some conspiracy theorists, you will not get close to the truth.

Since in Lucifer country, lies are fed as truth.

North Korea Core Values sections
Intro  All that Satan fear is the truth  Total Jewdom except in North Korea  Modern History Lies All the Way to Jesus  Anti-Antisemitism  Lies as truth  North Korea will save America  Going Nowhere with North Korea  American jewish culture is a conundrum  North Korea and its Jesus consciousness  

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