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American jewish culture is a conundrum Don't get sucked in ideas that please the mind. Don't be gullible. Don't be a fool. You have a herd of jewish and jewish drones that are consistently feeding you with false beliefs.

The only retaliation against this amount of world's evil, is very straightforward language.

  • To balance the massive repudiation of truth by world's medias.
  • To balance the international finances, which is all run by jews.
  • To balance Hollywood movies, that are all deploying the jewish agenda and wicked thoughts, between two lines of humor.

To balance all this:

Talk and do like Kim Jung Hun

Hail the Kim. Long live the Kim.

====North Korea Nuking Higher Officials

That's a concept the U.S. could certainly would have thought of if the utmost majority of our officials was clean of corruption, radiating integrity.

And we could make the case for the fact that North Korea gives the officials high honors by blowing them up with such expensive pieces of machinery.

Not unlike the west, where people are confined into cells or executed by poisons or other electrical shocks.

So in essence, North Korea is the last remnant of the mechanism that allows the soul to subsist, incorrupted by power.

This scares the U.S. Regardless how mighty this country is.

It strives on corruption. Any politician would sell the country in any way of form for the right amount and if they can get away with it.

This is the call of power. And the reality of the west. Better be rich and bad, than poor and good.

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American jewish culture is a conundrum
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