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All that Satan fear is the truth Indeed.

Truth is the mighty only destroyer of evil, it comes out of darkness as a spark, and illuminates the entire jewdom hell room into a blaze, like fire starter charcoal.

Truth is the only thing that makes this world a sociable place. We can hear the truth, we can smell it, we can feel it, we can tap into it.

I never tapped in the extermination chambers and the tale of the monster Hitler. These are just folk tales to make the Jews look good and Hitler bad.

Hitler has a lot in common with North Korea.

Hitler stands for Christian values, not horrors. Unless you are a jew, then Christian values are actually detrimental to business.

Why are values detrimental to business? Simply because an aspiring Christian would not buy into lies. Fools buy into lies.

Jesus was the most adverse spiritual warrior against fools. Also called clowns in the business.

Jesus was no clown. Hitler was no clown, North Korea is no circus.

The U.S. has lost so much values doing business with jews and Israel since World War II.

The U.S. federal government has totally lost control of the country.

Western countries is totally influenced by jews. Jews define:

  • the U.S. laws by buying out politicians.
  • the U.S. politics by running their media against the head of states and federal government.
  • the U.S. public opinions by manipulating the news towards an Israelite agenda.

Same in France, Germany, and other South America, Africa, even China.

North Korea Core Values sections
Intro  All that Satan fear is the truth  Total Jewdom except in North Korea  Modern History Lies All the Way to Jesus  Anti-Antisemitism  Lies as truth  North Korea will save America  Going Nowhere with North Korea  American jewish culture is a conundrum  North Korea and its Jesus consciousness  

All that Satan fear is the truth
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