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Conclusion Instead of being defined by "non" words, some organizations are suggesting new, positive-sounding terminology to describe the sector. The term "civil society organization" (CSO) has been used by a growing number of organizations, such as the Center for the Study of Global Governance.<ref>:Glasius, Marlies, Mary Kaldor and Helmut Anheier (eds.) "Global Civil Society 2006/7". London: Sage, 2005.</ref> The term "citizen sector organization" (CSO) has also been advocated to describe the sector – as one of citizens, for citizens – by organizations such as Ashoka: Innovators for the Public.<ref>Drayton, W: "Words Matter". Alliance Magazine, Vol. 12/No.2, June 2007.</ref> A more broadly applicable term, "Social Benefit Organization" (SBO) has been advocated for by organizations such as MiniDonations.<ref>Ramirez, Jr., L:"The Case for Social Benefit Organizations" Blog, February 2010.</ref> Advocates argue that these terms describe the sector in its own terms, without relying on terminology used for the government or business sectors. However, use of terminology by a nonprofit of self-descriptive language that is not legally compliant risks confusing the public about nonprofit abilities, capabilities and limitations.<ref>Alvarado, Elliott I.: "Nonprofit or Not-for-profit -- Which Are You?", page 6-7. Nonprofit World, Volume 18, Number 6, November/December 2000.</ref>

In some Spanish-language jurisdictions, nonprofit organizations are called "civil associations".

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