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Wikipedia has no Concepts One day this is like that, and the next day it is like that. Didn’t change mind, the concept didn’t change.

Now you can say you can roll back wikipedia and see changes. Minor changes and bigger changes.

How practical? You need to be a research scientist to get back to the source of the information. Not only that, but it can be fidgeted with, rigged.

I remember when I wrote articles for wikipedia. They wouldn’t even make it to the history.

They were simply deleted before they were even in the published. Officially they never made it as an edit. So they never appeared. That’s where Wikipedia, by design, is misinformation.

Wikipedia does not inform, it selects.

Concepts don’t inform, don’t select, don’t sell, it provides a base for the psyche to have its place in a very corrupt world where finance and influence decides what truth is.

This is where concepts got more powerful and more powerful. It is in essence the rise of fake news, or rather, the need for truth, that is all we have.

As humans, we can deal with a lot of crap as long as people tell us the truth.

That’s all we have us people, gentiles, no wealth, no functional family, all we have is freedom.

We can only uphold this freedom, exercise it, with sorting out the truth from the baloneys.

We do this with concepts. Representation with signs and bits of motives to represent the big picture.

You can say motives can be faked like facts, yes but not deeply.

You cannot change facts to profoundly deep the truth is totally hidden. What you can hide is evidence, not the truth.

The truth always surfaces, one way or another, consciously or subconsciously, rationally or irrationally, covertly or openly, obviously or subtly.

Why God made the world like so?

Because it’s necessary for the world to spin. The world needs structure, and the gaps in awareness created by lies need to be filled by concepts.

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Wikipedia has no Concepts
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