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The Nazi Who Looked Like a Jew They will take the blame because they are taking on the role of the victim, archetipically.

The nazis will be forgiven because they are taking one the role of the hero, defeating the vilains. Or in a corrupt world, the innocents.

It’s not just archetypes, it’s engrained in our process of manifestation. When we want to grow inside, we see outside what is our deterrent.

It’s always our victimhood inside that needs growth, that needs to be revealed by the light.

So we always see jews as the ultimate opressors. Jews are ready to take on this role not only because they are, but because they can. Their constistution is classically weak. So that’s the last place you would look for oppression.

Same as the pope, the last place you would look for an evil-doer. Next thing you know, priests have major issues with sexual abuse.

It’s all because of the Ying Yang, a Mazi masquerades as a jew to balance himself. A jew balances himself as a Nazi.

What you’ve got in appearance, you don’t have inside. It’s positive vs. Negative, they require to balance each other, like plus and minus on a battery, it creates power. It stimulates, it gets the people working.

Terrorism get people to go to work.

Injustice gets government to change. Governments create injustice any time they are ready for change. Not the other way around.

So don’t believe in justice, or truth, until you unravel to madness.

You become all Ying or all Yang.

Pure fire, or pure water.

Pure water, pure yang, would get us like drones, totally disconnected from emotions, plugged in cell phones and caring about nothing whatsoever.

Pure fire, rises of the people, primal anger all out. It creates change. It blesses people with sentiments of pride, worth, and belonging. Justice, aspiration, inspiration, all depressions from the victim water yang out of the window.

So to change this world we have to choose, Nazis or Jews.

Jews is the status quo, Nazi is change.

So attack the jews, that the desired world agenda. Don’t fight it, fight them, they deserve it.

They have everything, and don’t worry, since you will celebrate and get drunk when all war is done, you won’t realize they will still get on top.

That’s unless they are eradicated in the process.

Then a true society could really exist. Where value and enchantment can prevail because truth prevail. Because there is no more need of concepts, there is no more need of it because truth was the ultimate growth to get the next stage in human endeavors.

Why is the U.S. Supporting Israel’s lies? Because it used some of these dark powers of coverage of misinformation to portray the United States as the saviors of WWII. The truth is that the United States is the continuation of Germany’s third reich.

Hitler was good, and as Hitler won the war, they needed to end the war. But they didn’t know how to transfer leadership from Europe to America, so they made Hitler’s fake death.

And the invention of fake news was created there. The concepts remained strong.

Hitler made a deal with the jews and by the end of the war, Jews and Nazis were hands in hands.

So whether you are a Nazi sympathizer or a Holocaust survivor, you have something in common:

Fake news.

There is no sympathizer as Nazis won, more a Nazi Empathizer.

There is no holocaust survivor as the holocaust never was endangering jews.

The holocaust was Endengering european extended families.

At the end of the war European families became nuclear family, and the jews infiltrated politics and gave themselves a country they called Israel.

Jews encrusted themselves into the core of what make nations strong. Wholeness, extension, unity, group toward a common goal.

Jews only god is to take advantage. They take advantage of the country they are parasites in, they take advantage of nuclear families, to better suck them dry of their wealth.

With nuclear families,one person’s financial distress becomes personal responsibility. With extended family, it’s the whole family’s responsibility.

More united, extended families not only help each other out but condemn, accuse and demand justice from malignant practices.

Usury is a malignant practice that gave rise to corporate crime, jewish corruption prevailing at high levels of our corpus.

What makes us humans is how we incorporate each other into a whole, a corpus, our family corpus is infected.

An infected family corpus is called a corporation. Corporate crime will never be eradicated because it’s portrayed and fulfilled by those at the top of corporations, the jews.

In a world where denial and political correctness protects the lies of World War II end design, it’s called corporate crime. In a world where Truth prevails it’s called filthy jews ultimate goal accomplished:

To take advantage of gentiles.

Eradicated jews must be.

Israel never existed before, just in folk tales of jewish sorts. They created it out of thin air, same as they created money:

On paper, by laws, by corruption, by misappropriation. Stealing the land from their owners, kicking them out of their houses.

From there Nazis and jews are not the same thing, but like Ying and Yang. Necessary for each other to grow and prosper.

So when we are truth seekers, we must rely in the Ying, the positive nature of the truth, the concepts, also called fake news.

It gets all twisted in people’s heads but facts are still facts. And fabricated facts lead to concepts, revealing the Truth.

Know that you are confused by evil design of a few, concepts can save you.

You can save others by telling jews to stop. Condemning, judging, for the good of all humanity.
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The Nazi Who Looked Like a Jew
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