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Facebook fighting Fake News like Nazis Facebook is after fake news because the truth will be revealed by the fake in this world where power is created from lies. The anti lie, the truth, will reveal itself as the light bearer, ultimate truth, a power that makes mankind its might. That makes humans full of humanity, that holds the world together, not powers, but people.

To hold yourself together, facebook has to fight what made facebook, the people. Facebook is directed by jews, and jews have a great deal of investment in lies, where they draw their power from. They draw their power from lies, that they were victims, while indeed they are the biggest oppressor of mankind the world has ever faced.

Only dictatorship, benevolent dictatorship can save the united states from infiltration of lies, from Facebook, from the jewish agenda.

The united states will be forgiven, the Jews will take the blame, it was set up this way.

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Facebook fighting Fake News like Nazis
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