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The Big Fish So looking at all scenari the U.S. loose regardless. Might as well send her back to her country. The U.S. realized that saving the world and doing good deeds is not a weakness that should be taken advantage of by governments.

Whether Afghan, Chinese or Russian, American’s heartfelt and loving culture for all is not a sign of weakness. It’s courage.

And as courageous it is, between courageous and stupid, we stand for protecting Americans from Muslim radicals. A plague that is of epidemic proportion.

Countless of Muslims are turning rogue and become terrorists from what day to the next. No warning, no threat. Just time bombs, undetectable, unstoppable, forever creative in new means of destructions of innocents.

Trump is president, see. We don’t stand for bullshit from other country. We stand for what is right. What is right is to protect the American people from Muslim radicals.

Our American Muslim brothers also understand they can be killed by a jihadist.

And therefore Trump has to stop fresh Muslim coming out of Non-American soil to impose their culture. By going radical that’s what they are doing, terror to get the last word, to get the advantage, to bend opinions.

Terrorism will never be a valid argument to push someone in power.

This afghan pilot is using terrorism to push her argument forward, to gain the power of American citizenship.

If this captain’s loyalty to her country is that strong? You think she will be loyal to her American oath?

She can be granted citizenship…later. Certainly not now, but when she will have proven herself.

When she will have grown mature. And know that a reward from liberals does not grant open access to the U.S. to spies, suicide bombers and other radical Muslim believers.

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