Citizen of Afghanistan - forever::Niloofar Rahmani Demands Citizenship


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Citizen of Afghanistan - forever Go back home. Your country is only angry at you because you betrayed your military by asking for Citizenship.

That does not qualify for citizenship. At the time of your application, you were not in danger.

More importantly, the fact that your country’s government and military is getting involved publicly by promises of punishments just make you more obviously an agent in disguise.

Denied, and Denied. That’s no pass.

But welcome to what it takes to get American.

Lots of rejections. Until efforts pay off.

If you just don’t want to wear your Hijab, don’t wear it. But don’t break Americans balls with bullshit stories of persecution… another Fake News.

We can’t open the door to every women who cover her face. The Air Force is not the Salvation Army.

If you want to become American, marry one.

Unless you can’t really love Americans…

America is not just what you do as a country, is who we are as people.
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Citizen of Afghanistan - forever
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