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Compassion balances Courage If courage is taken over by compassion, you have a weak nation.

If courage takes over compassion, you have a spartan state.

The good balance between the two is the Nazi state, the national socialist state of bliss and harmony. Between forces and weaknesses that make us human and love for humanity.

Those working that have no experience, know nothing, and see the world’s realities as another app, that don’t involve commitment, responsibility, loyalty or honor. Should be punished to show the remaining of the society the way to greatness.

Those who know little about disrespecting someone or something, should be punished. That’s how you will teach someone to learn and surpass himself or herself.

That’s how you will bring skills to a human being.

And no, you don’t have to punish all, just a few, until all abide by the new reality, that is not an app, but living human beings.

So they know better, so they try harder, so they think more.

Punishment assists the ignorant into knowing more.

It raises anxiety level of the uneducated or ignorant into using his brain to think for the deficiency of knowledge.

That’s what knowledge is about, the right to stop thinking.

Before knowledge is acquired, thinking must be a matter of existence.

Human being table of mental capacity prevalence:

1-6 yo information gatherers 7-12 yo interests development 13 to 21 yo power development 21-26 yo Know-it-all Know-Nothing 21 to 35 yo Thinking 36 to 60 yo, Knowledge 60 to 80 yo, wisdom 80+ yo, childlike

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Compassion balances Courage
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