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China full of Know it all Know Nothing Dealing with China with force is going to bring nothing good. We need to bring them knowledge. Kicking one’s country when they are gall happy go lucky 21-year old in their head is not going to help.

They don’t know how to complain. When they do, they don’t think it can go anywhere, because they don’t have a map towards change. You need to talk to the person in charge.

In their case, it’s their president Xi Jinping.

Nobody dares, nobody wants, nobody thinks it’s possible.

President Xi is like their grandfather, he represents their country. It’s ingrained that he is the all powerful party, the God like figure.

If President Xi Jinping ignores he is seen as an idol, he would smash all of his citizen’s right to look up to a leader. The only thing Chinesemen will do is replace him with another guy who plays the idol better.

If President Xi Jinping tries to bring them to maturity, he will get into the realization that they are not ready. They have too many mental blocks towards self-reliance as individuals.

So the country, China is trying to grow as a whole, the self-reliance of China with itself.

China is ultimately going to crash global markets by dumping the international yuan. They will let the yuan survive in the mainland where China has full control.

It may not make it to the News, what will happen is that the world markets will crash and China will live like nothing happened, or rather they’ll all live very well, as China will come out of that coup the ultimate winner as they prepared themselves for it all along.

You don’t mess around with China as a an elite reserved currency member, it’s like an employee that wants to harm its employer. He might go on and look for other jobs, but his employer walks around with a fatal wound that ultimately will do him.

That’s the rule. How greedy are we in the west to let China play with our most solid infrastructures? How coward are we in the west? How arrogant are we? Thinking we can outsmart people with very different concepts from us. They can undo all our plans B, plan C and most obscure scenarios in no time, with their approach that is a survival approach to copy, crack and do away with whatever they get involved in?

Why do you think the Communist party is so radical when dealing with bad seeds. Because they would proliferate like wild fires and sink the country within days.

Why do you think the Communist party is so radical when dealing with resistance? Because all Chinese know they only follow the strongest.

The Chinese government needs to be most stringent with the Chinese. They were not given any knowledge but follow directions.

So in essence, that’s the game. You follow directions. That’s all we are asking you to do Chinese men , but don’t mess with the party, the Chinese, or China’s interests.

That’s all the same thing. Party, God, China, the Chinese.

If you mess with that, you have no rights. Because in Chinese You have no rights to mess with what made you.

That’s how China survived for 5000 years or so. That’s how China lived and it’s not an elite currency that is going to change China into a democracy, or even a country that comply with external rules. The only rule that matters is China’s interests.

Technically the Chinese are going to teach us a lesson. And we have no way to prevent it. If we kick them in the butt, they will teach us a lesson. If we don’t kick them in the butt, they will also teach us the same lesson.

We are on a crash collision course with our fate. The west is colliding with the east.

No politician will be able to help us.

The only people who can help us are the Chinese people. But they are not lead, don’t care and are not educated to understand the west come from a place with common interest. And by common we don’t mean China, we mean the world at large.

Most Chinese men didn’t, will not, and will probably never step outside China.

You can’t even work in China where you want as a Chinese, you have to work where you were born, or you have to fill out papers to ask for permission to work somewhere else.

Lots of Chinese men can’t read Chinese. You think they will fill our paperwork? They can’t read, they can’t write but maybe sign their name. That’s 2-3 characters.

The west is so gullible. So greedy, it’s blind. It only reasons with interests. China is on top of the game. Because they add “China’s” to interests.

President trump is acting so irrationally, so dumb, it makes him smart. Because he can’t be predicted, he can’t be fathomed, he is the best president that happened to America since W.

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China full of Know it all Know Nothing
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