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The child as a nazi The child is raised in such a condition of low nurtering, understanding, inequality sensitivity is developped.

Victimization is rebeled against.


  1. Jews are the archetype of Victims.
  2. Nazis are the archetype of Overcoming.

Then, Nazis and Jews keep the cycling going of self re-generation.

‘’’The Victim/Pro Jew Mon raising a Nazi-sympathizer child.’’’

Nazis and Jews are hands in hands in power.

  1. Jews represent democracy
  2. Nazis represent the military

Actively controlling Nazi behavior and language police. The jews are playing a ‘’’double game’’’.

It was demonstrated in WWII when Jews financed hitler, then did contracts with Jews like in the transfer agreement.

In the end the Jews got what they wanted, a new industrial revolution, where more productivity means more income as owners of the mean of production. They also got a country, Israel which was not a country before, since a country de facto needs a territory.

‘’’’’A country without territory is a religion.’’’’’

‘’’’’A religion as a state is ISIS.’’’’’

‘’’’’Israel is ISIS required opposition to justify Israel’s rise’’’’’

Israel’s rise will be another Reich. Another justification of Israel victimized will bring a larger Israeli State, effectively making Judaism the victor against ISIS. While the world will cheer, Israel will grow in territorial size.

Jews/Nazis built their power on playing on both sides of the gameboard at all times.

Jews/Nazis are using the instant user base of people knowing where they stand. Choosing a side, you are fo the Jews or you are a Nazi.

Instant secret bases, are powers based on a secret. In that case the secret is that Nazis and Jews are the same.

If you look at history, WWII’s millions deaths were people from all around the world killing each other in the name of fighting Nazis.

Nazis represented values and the rise against Jewish Opression.

The fight against nazis, represented repression of the monsters.

Because Nazis, in particular Hitler, was absolutely refraining himself from any cruelty in actions, some of of his user bases servants, however, its radicalized power base, wanted actions and more justice against Jews.

Himmler was one of these men, and proved himself regressing from his leader’s command, into physically abusing his powers.

Concentration camps were essentially condos for Jews to spend time in, while people were decimated on the war front.

How many jewish soldiers fought the war? Statistically, in relation to the number of jewish in society, very low to null.

Most jews who died during this period of time, died of all age or executed or misbehavior.

A lot of jews where kept in the dark of what was going on. Some truly believed they were in hell. Specifically because they lived very nicely before. Much more nicely than the remaining of the population, the gentiles.

At the end of the war, their culture prone to exageration and viceral expressions, helped fathom the idea behing the nazis as monsters.

  1. ‘’’’’The jews took the archetypes of the victims and inherited the world of mediocrity they make the most wealth out of.’’’’’
  2. ’’’’’The nazis took the archetypes of the monsters and built themselves a reputation, a power, a name.’’’’’
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