Point of No Return::NASDAQ Killed Hillary


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Point of No Return And yes the stock markets will sink all around the world temporarily, as nations reclaim their share, reclaim their dues, reclaim their power, and the financial systems serving the jews, the international bankers, the medias, and all these Hollywood who are selling our motherland to China can go back to where they come from, back up the cunt of their jewish mama.

Because in so many years and centuries and milleniums of Jews exploiting the very soul of gentiles we must stand where we are. The jews with the jews and the christians with the christians. It works both way.

No longer our Christian sympathies and understanding will allow our creed to be taken advantage by a few maligned weaklings.

Israel should be banned from this earth as a country whose all extorted wealth end up and no country can retrieve it.

These Jews have manipulated the instistutions of all our industrialized country and drained them of everything that makes a country strong.

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Point of No Return